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Brandwright Strategy is dedicated to building strong brands to help advance causes, organizations and businesses that make our world a better, healthier, and more vibrant place.

Brandwright Strategy, founded by Suzie Wright, is dedicated to building brands for businesses, organizations, & causes, that make our world a better, healthier, more vibrant place—and whose goal it may be to cultivate positive, social or environmental change through their products or services.

Reshaping best practices utilized regularly in corporate & consumer branding, we offer a compact, yet robust process, designed to cater to the needs, compressed timing and reduced budgets that so many organizations face today. The greatest benefit to our clients is changing the way they think about branding; understanding their brand through its fundamental values and its most compelling messaging. Our unique approach will align and build constituents, increase funding or business growth, and generate greater, more meaningful brand awareness. It will shape your culture and manifest your organization’s mission, like never before.

So what does all this really mean for your brand?

Sustainable growth. Lasting impact.

the right approach

An efficient, carefully crafted approach is key to addressing your unique challenge in today’s fast-changing world. Drawing from the following areas of expertise we will customize a proposal to speak to your needs, timeline and budget: 

  • Brand Assessment evaluating your brand today

  • Brand Audit understanding the competitive landscape

  • Brand Engagement a unique, creative process designed to define and cultivate your brand within your organization culturally, as well as, outside it, in the hearts and minds of all who engage with it

  • Naming & Messaging naming brands, services or products and articulating key messaging for your brand

  • Integration & Stewardship understanding the role your brand plays day-to-day both internally and externally

  • Brand Identity Design & Communication crafting a memorable brand experience via a proprietary visual presence in print, online and in environments


the right to win

Building upon a 30+ year career in corporate and consumer brand design (branding everything from underwear to tofu and more), Suzie is delighted to build further on her experience, and through the efforts of Brandwright,  give focus to two very personal values she holds dear: one is the idea of doing things right, the other, doing the right thing

Together, these make for a winning combination and offer one of life’s simplest and greatest gifts, the chance to do excellent work that is worthwhile in the lives of others. 

Brandwright’s key goals are:

  • to use the power of branding to help organizations & businesses strengthen their brand, marketing and funding for increased, sustainable growth

  • make it simple and easy

  • impact measurable results

just right

Brandwright recognizes the financial challenges many nonprofits and for-profit businesses face, and has worked hard to find the sweet-spot between what you need, what you don’t, and an affordable way to get it. We've reshaped best practices in branding with real-world sensibilities in mind, and designed to articulate your brand’s best self in a way that is relevant, memorable and undeniably yours.

After a successful career spanning both coasts in the corporate world, Brandwright is connected to a talented network of designers and strategic partners. This enables us to hand-select a personal team for your needs and one that will perform at measurably lower rates than those found in large agencies. Because economics and technology are changing the ways in which we work so dramatically, traditional methods are making way for smarter, more creative, and more affordable choices. Brandwright strives towards all of these without compromising on the quality of its deliverables or their impact.



the right stuff

"Suzie was instrumental in the development and execution of Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati's powerful brand promise: Voice. Values. Vision. Her expertise in branding combined with her creativity, enthusiasm, passion and professionalism transformed what could have been a painstaking exercise into an experience filled with energy, self-reflection and confidence in the end product. Suzie was extremely easy to work with as she facilitated a process that spurred creativity and collaboration. Her brand definition model provided a format for sharing ideas and concepts, effectively and efficiently synthesizing 118 years of history and culture into three “Wright” words. Thanks to Suzie the entire UA community can communicate the Ursuline experience in those three very important words." ––– Sharon Redmond, President, Ursuline Academy

“Suzie worked with us to build a new brand for Cincinnati Works, a nationally recognized organization devoted to overcoming poverty. She quickly immersed herself in our business to glean insights, then skillfully guided us through the process of defining our key brand elements and core messaging. Applying her expertise and creativity, she crafted a brand equity framework that was spot on. Suzie provided strategic insight to help build our brand and helped us successfully translate and communicate it across multiple functions in our organization. Suzie was a pleasure to work with. Her professional and engaging style established trust and invited collaboration from all involved. Her leadership, expertise and strategic approach gave credence to her work and inspired confidence in the final solution.” ––– Peggy Zink, President, Cincinnati Works

the right time

The time is right to learn how to leverage your brand to influence more effective marketing, fundraising or growth as the case may be to advance your organization and its impact. We know the power branding has in our corporate/consumer-driven world. Imagine what is possible when the same fundamental principles are put to use in nonprofits, social enterprise, business-to-business and other for-profits.

It is apparent that great causes need great branding now more than ever. Strategic branding can play a critical role in development, especially impacting financial growth, but is often left out of even the most comprehensive of strategic plans. Please contact Suzie at Brandwright to find out how we can help. Please call: 513-348-2315 or e-mail: